• Room 9 - Mrs. Peluso

Room 9

With Mrs. Nancy Peluso

  • Teacher Assistant:

    • Lynn Ambrosoli
  • Ages Taught: 9-13
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Skills Taught

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Language Arts
  • Functional Life Skills
  • Independence
  • Lunch Preparation

About Room 9

Room 9 is an elementary/intermediate classroom typically serving children between the ages of 9 and 13. Room 9 is a combination of a learning support and life skills classroom. The curriculum includes mathematics, reading and language arts, as well as functional life skills. The students in Room 9 switch classrooms with Room 5 three times per week for science and religion.

Each student is taught at his/her own level and at his/her own pace of learning. Students are encouraged to be as independent as possible. Subjects are taught using textbooks, computerized reading programs, the Internet, iPads, the Tap-It table and manipulatives. Students receive homework several nights per week. Students in Room 9 attend the library once a week. Room 9 also assists with lunch preparation once a week, with the distribution of the weekly communication envelope, and with taking daily attendance. Room 9 students assist with the earring component of the Mercy Metal Works program.