• Room 7

Room 7

With Miss Vickie McHale

  • Teacher Assistants:

    • Nneka Williams
    • John Kaczmarek
  • Ages Taught: 9-13
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Skills Taught

  • Numbers
  • Letters
  • Colors
  • Name Recognition
  • Focus
  • Language
  • Independence
  • Self-Help Skills
  • Job Training
  • Basic Cooking Skills
  • Good Deeds

About Room 7

Room 7 uses a total sensory approach to learning. Instructional Plan (IP) goals are reached by incorporating all of the senses into learning activities. Within one activity, they are practicing a multitude of skills (numbers, letters, colors, name recognition, focus, and language). Students are provided with many different modalities within one lesson not only to reach their goals, but also to keep them interested and involved. Sand bins, salt trays, play dough, shaving cream, paint and markers, rice, noodles, iPads and musical instruments are all part of the experience.

In Room 7 students have their own daily schedule to follow so they can anticipate the next activity. They also are taught to be as independent as possible with regards to self-help skills, which come into play every Monday when it’s job training day. Students go to various areas in the classroom where they practice small tasks that include folding washcloths, sorting silverware, mailing letters, matching socks and hanging them on a clothes line, putting shirts on a hanger, etc.

Language is a huge focus in Room 7. The students are exposed to a variety of ways to express their needs – words, picture cards, iPads, sign language and communication devices. Since everything students would want or need in the classroom is purposely placed out of reach to them, they have to ask for what they want and, thus, they learn to communicate.

Cafe Cookbook, meanwhile, is held once a week and teaches students some basic cooking skills while creating a fun snack to eat. Guest chefs will come in and cook with the students during this program. And every Friday is Good Deed Friday, when students color a pictures and then mail it to someone who is sick or just in need of some sunshine.