• Room 6

Room 6

With Mrs. Diane M. Schultz

  • Teacher Assistants:

    • Rhonda Michener
    • Pam Wolke
  • Ages Taught: 5-9
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Skills Taught

  • Primary Math
  • Primary Reading
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Handwriting
  • Life Skills

About Room 6

This classroom is a primary special education classroom catering to ages 5-9 years old. Children with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities transition from the pre-K program into Room 6. Primary math and reading are taught and are individualized to meet each child’s needs. Religion, science, social studies, handwriting and life skills are taught in both small and large groups. Types of activities throughout the year include activities related to holidays, seasons of the year, school-wide themes, cooking class and many more.