• Room 4- Mrs. Rompilla

Room 4

With Mrs. Kim Rompilla

  • Teacher Assistants:

    • Julia Tomcics
    • Cathy Anderson
  • Ages Taught: 14-21
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Skills Taught

  • Math
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Social and Communication Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Personal Care/Hygiene Skills
  • Vocational Skills

About Room 4

Room 4 is a secondary life skills classroom typically for ages 14 to 21. The students’ daily routine is structured to focus on life skills, encouraging students to achieve and adapt positive behaviors that enable them to deal effectively with the demands of everyday life. The program is geared to meet the needs of both the individual needs and the group.

Academic work in Room 4 focuses on math (using calendars, time, money, menus, and measurements), reading comprehension (with a focus on everyday words, job-related words, basic sight words and more) and science and social studies (focus on healthy living, maps and weather).

Students develop their skills in fun and interesting hands-on ways. For example, the class goes into the community monthly to practice what they have learned about safety and proper manners. Students demonstrate both their gross-motor skills, by making key chains through the Mercy Metal Works program, and their vocational skills as students in Room 4 participate in the Work Experience program. And they practice their social and communication skills when they have a meet-and-greet each month with their peers in Room 2 as well as adults in TLC each month in the auditorium.