• Room 2

Room 2

With Mrs. Donnalee Carroll

  • Teacher Assistants:

    • Patti Christof
    • Mary Fiske
  • Ages Taught: 14-21
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Skills Taught

  • Communication
  • Life Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Functional Academics
  • Vocational Skills
  • Self-Help Skills

About Room 2

The goal in Room 2 is to create an extremely social environment that encourages communication, interaction, a sense of community and a motivation to learn. Our classroom curriculum includes a structured daily schedule and solid classroom management plan, physical, gestural, and verbal prompting, as well as praise and positive reinforcement to help students meet educational and personal goals.

Large-group lessons, small-group settings, one-on-one instruction, team teaching, and sensory integration are all utilized to implement our lesson plans that are designed to be fun and motivating. Frequent integration with verbal and mixed-level students promotes peer modeling and generalization of skills.

Students work on life skills, social skills, functional academics and vocational skills through the “lunchroom experience" (running the cafeteria one day a week), Mercy Metal Works (daily involvement in all aspects of creating, packaging and selling jewelry made from metal washers) and more.

A weekly "Team Time" developed and team-taught by the teacher and speech, occupational and volunteer physical therapists will ensure that therapy needs are addressed on a regular basis. A weekly "Spa Day" provides a calming and relaxing sensory experience (while practicing self-help skills), and our "Dinner and a Show" program creates the atmosphere of a family dinner, giving our students a monthly opportunity to practice good table manners, self-help and social skills they need both out in the community and at social gatherings.