Mercy Metal Works

The Mercy Metal Works is one of Mercy’s newest and most hands-on programs. The program involves students making jewelry – the current offerings are necklaces, bracelets, earrings, key chains and Christmas ornaments – and shopping for supplies as well as selling them in the community.

The Mercy Metal Works Program was officially created in Fall 2013, and four different classrooms each take part in creating custom-made jewelry.

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Necklaces and ornaments sell for $5 each, while bracelets, key chains and earrings sell for $3 apiece. Our online store is coming soon! If you are interested in purchasing jewelry for yourself or your loved one at any time throughout the school year, please click the button below and fill out the form.

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Physical Education

Physical exercise is an important part of the Mercy experience, and that is why every gym activity is adapted to meet its participants’ physical needs. Everyone can and does participate in Miss Judy’s physical education classes every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Classes are held either outdoors or in the auditorium. Gym activities are as diverse as our students, from basketball & indoor golf—to parachute, tag, and so much more.


Technology is an integral part of the Mercy curriculum. From iPads in each classroom to the Tap-It Table in our multipurpose room for small- or large-group learning, teachers utilize different technologies in their classroom to help students learn and communicate. Our Mini Mustangs and students embrace technology and enjoy the interactive learning activities and lessons that help in their overall development.

We are so grateful to Rich and Joan Barrall who, after taking a tour of Mercy for the first time, agreed to purchase 40 iPads with protetcive cases and a charging station for our school. This purchase has enhanced our technology program greatly, as students now use iPads for creating “social stories” with video (to model good manners and behaviors), doing Internet- and app-based lessons, practicing typing and motor skills, and much more.

Help us Grow

If you are interested in learning more about, or helping to advance the Technology program at Mercy, please contact the Advancement Director with the form below.

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Music Therapy

Students express themselves musically each week. Mrs. Kaczmarek plays music with people in all three programs (Mini Mustangs, School-Age and TLC), traveling with her guitar and other instruments into each classroom or hosting music lovers in the auditorium. In addition, Miss June from Music Therapy Associates in Whitehall comes to play with all groups each Thursday. Participants sing and play different instruments and materials, all designed to foster a love of music as well as develop well-rounded skills.

The Community Music School helps to bring Music Therapy Associates to Mercy, and we are grateful for the support we receive. Individualized musical therapy sessions are also available for Mercy families; you can visit for more information.


As a Catholic school, we know that the heart of Mercy is Jesus, so Christ-centered values are taught and lived across our curriculum. A primary focus is to respect and celebrate each individual as a unique child of God and to encourage students and staff alike to share their gifts and talents to bring God’s love to the world, especially to those most in need.

The entire school family gathers for prayer at the beginning and end of each day. Mass is celebrated monthly with priests from the students’ parishes and from other parishes in the Diocese. Students serve in liturgical ministries as altar servers, lectors, cantors, intercessors and gift-bearers. Penance services and Confessions are held before Christmas and Easter. Special activities and prayer services highlight the Liturgical Seasons, including our legendary Christmas Show and the Living Stations of the Cross acted out by our students.

Using a variety of texts and materials, the classroom teachers present daily religion lessons and visit the chapel regularly. Mrs. Kaczmarek conducts liturgical music sessions for each class and also directs the Mercy Tone Chime Choir, which plays beautiful sacred and secular music for school liturgies, Diocesan events and community organizations. In addition, Mrs. Kaczmarek prepares students for the sacraments. Families are given the option of celebrating First Penance and First Holy Communion in their home parishes or at Mercy. Confirmation is held in the student’s home parish, with the Bishop presiding.